Fine Distilled Goods

Hand-Crafted in Houston, Texas

Passionate about the craft distilling movement, our team set out to raise the bar with a local distillery focused on creating the very best spirits. We marry tradition, honest ingredients and innovative distilling techniques to create spirits that remain true-to-form and never fail to delight. We’re still working on our location in the Greater Heights area of Houston, Texas.


We believe in being fully transparent in what goes in to our spirits. We will be an open book to consumers on every detail that goes into each and every bottle.



No pretense for us. We are what we seem. We plan to build the best grain to glass distillery in Texas, and regardless of how that journey goes, you won’t catch us pretending to be something we’re not.



We will not compromise on the quality of our spirits. We will maintain the highest standards throughout our operations; from utilizing the finest ingredients (locally sourced where possible), to ensuring a systematic approach to brewing, distilling, bottling, and aging.



We are proud to be from Houston. We believe in the Houston Strong spirit and seek to engage with our community in all that we do.



We will never grow complacent and will always explore new techniques to ensure we deliver the finest of spirits. Seeker is in our name for a reason!



Who we are as a company doesn’t matter unless people love our spirits. We will take our values and ensure our end product brings people together in common enjoyment of a great product.

Our Spirits

Texas Vodka

Clean, simple, and 100% Texan, our vodka uses the latest in distilling technology.

Our Texas Vodka

London Dry Gin

A traditional London Dry Gin, perfect for a Gin & Tonic, Martini, or Negroni.

Our London Dry Gin

Spring Gin

Our first seasonal gin, this light Spring Gin has subtle floral notes and is the perfect match for warming weather.

Our Spring Gin

Texas Bourbon

A high quality, bourbon style whiskey. Alas, patience will be required as the whiskey ages to perfection!

Our Texas Bourbon

Meet Our Team

Sean Anger

Founder - Growth, Development and Red Stapler Location Services

Sean found his way to Houston in 2011 and quickly made it home. He met the lovely Michelle here and has grown to love Houston. He says he’s a people person so we put him in charge of growth, development and locating errant staplers. The jury’s still out.

Andrew Thompson

Founder - Operations, Process, and Resident Spirit Snob

Each of Andrew’s eyes are a different color. This means he shouldn’t be allowed in public, so we keep him in the back where he labors on process, operational awesomeness and constantly makes sure our products are of the highest quality.

Michelle Anger

Founder - Branding and Site Development

Born and raised in Louisiana, Michelle’s called Houston home for the past 7 years. She’s quite adept at branding and is hard at work on the interior design of our distillery. She seems fond of Sean so she might have questionable judgement.

Analise Thompson

Founder - Taskmaster and Physicist in Residence

It turns out that running a distillery requires lots of math. Analise makes sure we get all the facts and figures spot-on while giving us a healthy dose of derision for having forgotten everything we were taught at school.

Shaun Baker

Partner - Computer Nerd

Shaun was never short of providing business advice and ‘help.’ The team found that generally quite annoying so figured bringing him onboard and busying him with all the computer stuff would keep the peace.

Maple the Dog

Moral Support

Woof! Maple is a dog of some questionable breeding. Whatever her origins, she serves as the unofficial mascot and keeps us all motivated. Honestly, she’s probably the reason we’re still (mostly) sane.

Founders' Journal

Most Recent Content

Finding the Right Shell

Sometimes you have to start over...
By: Shaun Baker on May 18, 2019

So, by now, many are wondering why our products aren’t yet to market. Well in recent months, we’ve been working hard to get our business operational to support craft spirits in Houston. We’ve procured our equipment, designed our bottles, participated in training courses for recipe development, etc. All of this is needed, but it means nothing without a location to manufacture. Unfortunately, we’ve run into several obstacles in securing a location. A guiding principle of ours in transparency, so we’d like to share with you some of the struggles.

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Why Gin?

The Start of a Journey
By: Analise Thompson on August 8, 2018

Why gin? After growing up in the Northeast where the traditional drink was a Manhattan for my family, I moved south. Very south. Somehow someone gave me a Tom Collins on a hot summer day…it was refreshing, I almost forgot how much I was sweating. After a few iteration, I discovered the traditional Gin and Tonic. It was the beginning of a love affair.

#gin  #beaseeker 
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Netflix and Spirit

From Somm to Starting a Distillery
By: Michelle Anger on July 15, 2018

I’m a very patient person. Sean reminds me of this often.

Our liquor cabinet is overflowing with a wide range of gin, vodka, and whiskey, from local varieties to international flair. We have a library of books at our house; a full shelf is dedicated to the history and science behind spirits. The kegerator lives in the mud room, and our garage houses an assortment of home brew supplies. This is all Sean’s doing – and I’m OK with it.

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