Sean Anger

Sean Anger
Founder - Growth, Development and Red Stapler Location Servicesr

Sean found his way to Houston in 2011 and quickly made it home. He met the lovely Michelle here and has grown to love Houston. He says he’s a people person so we put him in charge of growth, development and locating errant staplers. The jury’s still out.

Sean loves experiencing new places and meeting new people. He was raised in Pittsburgh, cultured at Virginia Tech, and spent too much time in the rust belt. He’s proud to call Houston his home.

His education and passion lie in manufacturing - he loves seeing otherwise useless material be transformed into something useful and practical. His professional background includes experience in forge shops, foundries, automotive assembly plants, glass manufacturing, and oil & gas fabrication / construction. Regardless of industry, there has always been an undercurrent of passion for the production of alcohol.

Sean believes there is nothing that will bring two opposing viewpoints to common ground like alcohol can. A self-taught homebrewer, Sean quickly became fascinated with taking something grown from seed, land, sun, and water, and turning it into something that can tether society. He brings this passion to Fox & Seeker and looks forward to sharing a drink with you soon!

Journal Entries

London Dry in Houston

What is a London Dry Anyways?
By: Sean Anger on May 25, 2020

Remember that negative gin experience you had in college? Put that aside for a minute; I wouldn’t want these next few paragraphs to be clouded by a time when you thought Natural Light was a great beer.

Bright, Crisp, Lemon, Pine, Floral.

That’s sommelier-style speak for a London Dry Gin. That’s right, no “new garden hose” or “fresh rubber tire” aromas, here.

#gin  #beaseeker 
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What does Distilled By Actualy Mean?
By: Sean Anger on June 17, 2018

Michelle is very patient with me.

An alert from our bank just told her that someone spent $77 on our debit card. Must be Sean. Must be Spec’s. Anything for that 5% discount!

This is a routine occurrence and, as such, there’s a cacophony of bottles in my liquor cabinet.

#transparency  #beaseeker 
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