Analise Thompson

Analise Thompson
Founder - Taskmaster and Physicist in Residencer

It turns out that running a distillery requires lots of math. Analise makes sure we get all the facts and figures spot-on while giving us a healthy dose of derision for having forgotten everything we were taught at school.

Analise’s grandparents owned a local bar in the Bronx . Her dad didn’t want to be in the family business, moved to Pennsylvania and Analise came into the world. The drive and determination to grab what’s next never left her. As a promising cross-country runner and star academic, Analise accepted an offer to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. She continued to run competitively throughout her time and upon graduation, commissioned as an Officer in the Adjutant General’s office. She spent a year in Afghanistan and moved into the private sector after five years of service.

Missing the connections of a tight community while in the suburbs, her and her growing family decided to move to the Heights. It proved a bit further from work, but she valued the growth and local flavor of the Heights. Analise shared Andrew’s dream of starting something from scratch but wasn’t satisfied putting the dream on the back-burner for the perfect time. Analise pushed to seize the moment, making her original impetus behind Fox & Seeker.

Journal Entries

Why Gin?

The Start of a Journey
By: Analise Thompson on August 8, 2018

Why gin? After growing up in the Northeast where the traditional drink was a Manhattan for my family, I moved south. Very south. Somehow someone gave me a Tom Collins on a hot summer day…it was refreshing, I almost forgot how much I was sweating. After a few iteration, I discovered the traditional Gin and Tonic. It was the beginning of a love affair.

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